Tantric Massage with Tantric Experience

The tantric massage is a holistic approach to the experience of the highest love and sexuality. This will give you a state of mind based on deep peace and bliss.

To achieve this feeling, as Tantric Goddess I will use a variety of methods and rituals, such as meditation, breathing, massage and working with chakra centres. Through these rituals and the associated Tantric massage, the energy centres in the body (chakras) are cleaned and opened. This cleansing frees the sexual energy and lets it flow freely. It does not matter if you are a man or a woman or couple.

Tantra is extremely delicate, tender and intimate to feel sensuality, it is not just a massage. It will take you from peaks of erotic excitement to plains of tranquil relaxation; it is intimately feeling sensations and learning to control so edging but this is not just with Lingam Massage it is actually me as Tantra Goddess pushing and pulling your sensuality and erotism to the highest point then up and down. Sensual loving caresses along the entire length of your body heightened by a highly sensual body-to-body massage will help relieve physical and emotional tension and stimulate your senses plus foreplay stimulations to increase the arousal than using techniques to control it.

Experience the breaths of Tantra, and how they work in different postures and positions, the right breath for the right movements in order to sublimate and move the energy from your sexual centres throughout your entire body to feel and experience a full body orgasm and altered state.

Tantra experience is very intimate with boundaries but it is a real experience as the version you get here is not real it is manipulation of using few techniques and calling it Tantra.

Come and have real experience with a Tantra Goddess who has spent long time with most respected Gurus in India so authentication is guaranteed.

Tantra can be one way, you are receiver, passive or it can be mutual partnership so we edge each other and foreplay is both ways and we end with Lingam and yoni massage, or yoni and yoni massage. I will teach you if you are not familiar with it.

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