Sensual Massage

I am experienced in the art of Sensuality.

Sensual massages come from the knowledge we gather from medical researches that just below the skin are millions of tiny nerve endings that are especially sensitive to slow, sweeping movements. These nerve endings transmit impulses via dedicated connectors directly to the brain – the part of the human body that is responsible for positive emotions such as love and sexual arousal. The key emotion here is tenderness – tenderness which you receive through an especially affectionate massage consisting of the kind of soft and gentle caresses. I will use more in the base of Swedish techniques combine erotic touch and pressure more to arouse with the uses not only my hands, but also stimulate you with an exciting body-to-body massage just imagine my natural firm curves all over your body.

In here I want to clarify to clients, who get misleading information, Body 2 Body massage and Nuru Massage are same in style however Body 2 Body is Western version with using oils whereas Nuru is Eastern version which uses special Nuru Gel but the actual massage is totally identical if it is done authentically. I am aromatherapist so I use oils that I prepare bespoke on the spot for the client’s needs.

The concluding part of the massage starts with the gentle stimulation of your erogenous zones and culminates in an invigorating massage of your genital area. I use Eastern and Western Massage techniques to bring maximum pleasure. The sensual massage is ideally suited to people who are not looking for a massage in the traditional sense, but are rather seeking physical closeness and want to experience beautiful moments of tenderness.

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