Erotic Geisha Erotic Massage
with Lingam Massage

This massage is tailored to the individual that would like to experience of Geisha experience of Erotic Massage.

Session starts in a bath/shower depending on what is available; I will begin gently cleansing, seducing and massaging your body all over with the water then soaping all over your body and using my god given curves to massage you with soap emerging us to create a sensual, blissful state of mind and provoking erotic experience. I will then rinse you with sensuality and seduction, then I will help you depart the water and seductively dry you with still bringing sensuality and erotica to the experience.

We will then move to the room where Massage going to take place; The massage will then continue a very sensual erotic massage. I will create a bespoke Aromatherapy oil mixture as well as body to body massage to create an erotic aura, where I will grace and slide my curvy body that creates eroticism within seconds as I use them to slide across your front and back covered in the bespoke Aromatherapy oils.

Using my therapeutic skills at the same time; your body will completely unwind and eroticism. Where the massage and intimacy of Geisha is there to please you; it is me who is your servant and I will become that unflinching reality of that fantasy.

Towards end;


I will massage your lingam (penis). This is where my Tantra Goddess skills comes in and using traditional Tantra massage techniques in tune with your responses to take you on a roller coaster of edging to experience building the excitement. This will ultimately bring you to the point where you are prepared for the highest climax you ever had!


After we are finished as a geisha I will give you sensual intimate strokes to say I am here for you.


I help you through to the shower or bath again to de-oil your entire body with soap and water leaving you refreshed and relaxed. The whole experience will leave you with your body and mind completely revitalised.


When I leave you;
You will feel like the King. Geisha belongs to Far Eastern culture but we had our versions in Western Cultures too.

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